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Starting a New Year

December 28, 2016 • JAK's Place

Are New Year’s resolutions really a good idea? It depends. Change can be hard. New Year’s resolutions are all about changing our habits, and nothing resists change harder than a habit. If we try to change too much at once, the result is all too likely to be failure.

Instead of making an overly ambitious hit-list of everything that’s “wrong” in your life and trying to fix all or most of it, you might want to take some time in a quiet place to sort out what’s most important. Think about what you do that is good for you already, and how you could improve on it just a little here and there. Is there any one thing that is causing serious problems?

Focus on what is most possible. No one changes overnight. Work on small things. Never mind the big picture; it’s time to sweat the details. Just not all of them at once. Cleaning up a mess means sorting things out one at a time, not taking a bulldozer to the whole works. Let go of the guilt feelings that make you attempt too much and fail, thus reinforcing the guilt and regret.

Take one small step at a time, rather than wishing you were at the end of the journey, and you will not stumble. The journey never ends. January First is neither the end of your old life nor the beginning of a new one. It’s only one of many milestones along the way. Don’t think it’s the only one that matters. Becoming more mindful and aware of your habits all year long will do more to help you change them than any one-off New Year’s resolution.

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November Calendar

November 2, 2016 • JAK's Place

Cooking with Magda enters a new phase on November 21. Other activities as usual, except as noted in the calendar. Magda’s first class was well attended, and five graduates received crockpots.

There will be a special Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 22. We will, of course be closed on thanksgiving Day.

November 2016 Calendar (PDF)

The CSP Halloween Party at JAK’s drew a crowd! Not everyone was in costume, but all had a good time. Bingo winners walked out with fantastic prizes.

group photo


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August Schedule Update

August 9, 2016 • JAK's Place

There will be no Faith in Recovery on Fridays; Marlys is unable to come to JAK’s Place because of her health. This month’s Rhythms of Recovery is also cancelled.

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August 2016 Calendar

July 25, 2016 • JAK's Place

August 2016 Calendar PDF — amended 7/28/16 to include the CSP Picnic. Friday, August 12, at Sunset Park, from 11am to 2pm.

No special events this month, at least at JAK’s Place. No newsletter, either, apart from email notifications, but the news is — we have air conditioning! So, if you need a break from the heat, JAK’s Place is The Place.


Many pounds of raspberries have gone into our freezer already.


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May Newsletter and Calendar

April 27, 2016 • JAK's Place

MAY IS Mental Health Month!

Along with the spring flowers, we welcome our new Program Director, Jane Herlitz. She brings knowledge and experience that will give JAK’s Place a new life. Her bio will be in next month’s newsletter.Jane Herlitz

There are some notable mental health events in May; see the newsletter for details.

NAMI Doorways, May 2016 (PDF)

May 2016 Calendar (PDF)

Yet another event is a presentation by JAK’s Place staff member, Laura Haglund:

The Art and Nature of Fractals in Nature and Art
Monday, May 16, 6pm, at JAK’s Place
Food for thought with plenty of eye-candy. See what it’s all about and ask questions.

What is a fractal?
Benoit Mandelbrot coined the word in 1975, from the Latin word fractus, which means broken–like fractured, fragmented–or rough. His quest for a new kind of geometry that could be used to describe and measure natural forms led to the discovery of a world of indescribable beauty and wonder.
Mandelbrot was lucky to live in the age of the computer. Creative mathematicians in the past had no way to check similar theories. Fractal geometry needs the fast calculation of a computer because it takes thousands of repetitions to create a shape, and to assign color to every point in it. A fractal formula rendered as an image by a computer can be explored, and different views of it saved.
Now we can see what ancient thinkers knew only by intuition. Fractals are all around us and in us. Everything is fractal.
Fractal Foundation
Fractal Geometry at Yale University

Fractal image

Fractal image

Fractal exploration is a relaxing pastime that requires no knowledge of math, or any extra monetary investment. If you have a computer or a tablet, you can play with fractals

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November Newsletter and Calendar

October 29, 2015 • JAK's Place

Time once again for the annual NAMI Door County Dinner Meeting. This year we’re holding the Quilt Raffle drawing at the meeting. There’s still time to buy tickets!

NAMI Door County Annual Dinner Meeting

Monday November 9, 5:00 pm at Hope United Church of Christ
5:00 Social Time; 5:30 Dinner; 6:15 Quilt Raffle and Volunteer Awards

JAK’s Place will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, of course. We hope that everyone can enjoy the holiday in a spirit of thankfulness.

NAMI Doorways November 2015 (PDF)

November 2015 Calendar (PDF)

The Road-eater

The Road-eater

The sidewalk is slowly creeping up Egg Harbor Road. All sorts of giant metal monsters have been prowling and growling. This machine chews up pavement and spits it into a truck.

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August 12, 2015 • JAK's Place


The 90 hour/3 week Work Certified Program is a national work readiness program is comprised of nine modules created by employers and educators to enhance your work readiness. The program will provide you with training on business ethics, interpersonal skills and workplace behavior to help you; find a job, keep a job and advance in a career.

The Work Certified Program will be held at
the Door County Job Center and includes:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Pre-Employment Skills
  • Business Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Business Math
  • Employment Expectations
  • Business Communications
  • Mastering Career Success
  • General Business Knowledge

1300 Egg Harbor Rd. Suite 124
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Phone: 920.743.7273 – 920.743.6915
Job Center

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