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November 14, 2020

Schedule change

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This Sunday’s Packer Party (Nov. 16) will kick off at 3:25, not noon.


May 12, 2021

Warning in Google search

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It was brought to our attention that, in a Google search for JAK’s Place, there was a warning that the site may be hacked. The source of the problem has been found and eliminated. There was NO malware that could infect your computer, merely some hidden spam links, which affected only search engine results.

Site security is being tightened up to prevent more of this sort of thing from happening.

One should always pay attention to such warnings. Many websites are hacked every day. Some of them may have malware that can instal through your web browser without your consent or knowledge, so it’s not a good idea to ignore a warning.

AVG safety report

Is It Hacked

Note: Even after a site has been cleared, Google may continue to report problems due to cached information. (Google keeps a kind of backup of everything it finds.)


November 5, 2020

Computer News Update

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U-verseOn November 4, AT&T installed their U-verse hi-speed Internet at JAK’s. We now have much better download speed. It should be possible to watch Youtube videos without all the stopping and jerking. :)

The other important change is our new(er) public computer. The old one is awaiting reassignment to some new job. The new computer, nicknamed “Dusty” because it hadn’t been cleaned inside since it was a puppy, is better and faster. It has an operating system that is not familiar to most of our visitors. Debian, one of the most widely used members of the Linux family of operating systems, is very different from Microsoft Windows. But then, there are also great differences between versions of Windows!

The old computer had Windows XP as its operating system. That was a problem, since XP is being abandoned by Microsoft. Eventually, there would be no updates or new software available for it. Things are always changing, including the Internet. In a few years, we might not have a web browser capable of loading many websites, or accessing some email. Debian will continue to update and improve for as long as we want to use it. Besides that, Linux systems are more secure than Windows — and less likely to be attacked. Windows is a favorite target because it is so widely used as well as being more vulnerable.

Despite all the differences, Debian is just as convenient as Windows for everyday use. If all you want to do is play on Facebook, check your email, or search the Internet for information, you won’t notice any difference at all. If you open or create and save documents, or play music or movies, you will see unfamiliar programs, but they perform the same functions.

So don’t be afraid to test-drive the new system. The web browser has the same familiar homepage, with its handy links. There’s a nice Solitaire game (and more games, if you care to explore the “applications” menu at the upper left corner of the screen).


August 28, 2021

September Newsletter and Calendar

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ANOTHER YEAR has gone around, and JAK’s Place is about to celebrate its 8th Anniversary with an Open House. Saturday, September 21, from 11am to 2pm, the whole world is welcome to stop by for a visit. We will have all sorts of tasty snacks. The climactic event of the day will be the Quilt Raffle drawing, at 2. There’s still time to buy tickets (or help us sell some).

You wouldn’t want to mis a chance at this lovely quilt, would you? Even if you don’t need it yourself, think what a great present it would make — Christmas, birthday, wedding….

The new quilt

The new quilt

Anyway, here are the newsletter and calendar for September. Note that we are closed on Labor Day, and also on Thursday, the 12th. We have THREE Sunday Packer Parties this month, however! Sept. 8th at 3:30, and at noon on the 15th and 22nd.

*The extra closed day and the Packer Parties are not in the calendar that was sent to CSP.

September Newsletter (PDF)

Sept. 2013 Calendar (PDF)


November 28, 2020

December Newsletter and Calendar

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Youletide season joy is here;
The end of 2012 is near.
Check our schedule for some cheer
To finish up another year.

And of course the newsletter is ready to download; :)

December Newsletter (PDF)

December Calendar (PDF)

All information in the files uploaded here is up-to-date. Please note that the CSP calendar lists a Tuesday dinner on the 18th, but there will be no dinner at JAK’s on that day. However, because of the CSP party and the holiday closures, we will have a meal on Thursday, Dec. 27.

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