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January 2015 Newsletter and Calendar

December 26, 2014 • JAK's Place

Yes, ohmygosh, gee, wow, another year begins. Herein we take a look at what was and think about what can be.

Coming up in February, the NINTH Annual Love Festival Concert is in the works. Let’s hope nothing freezes over on February 15 — although the sudden change of venue went amazingly well last time, we don’t need that much excitement.

Membership renewals and donations sparked by the annual appeal mailing have been rolling in. Big thankyous to all who have and will yet support NAMI Door County and JAK’s Place. One year at a time, we do our best to make a difference.



One of the Big News Stories of 2014/2015 is the retirement of Paul Klapatch. The CSP Holiday Party included a celebration of the event. Cake, speeches, and all the trimmings.

Paul with funny look

Paul survives his moment of glory

The cake

The cake

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