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Tech Help

The computer doctor is in!

This section of our site will have information about all matters computerish. There will be how-to guides relating to computer care, file management, and Internet use and safety, with links to sites with more detailed information where necessary.

We hope that it will be helpful to those who receive our newsletter via the Web, and to anyone who just happens to visit.

Having trouble reading this page?

You can make the text larger by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the + key as many times as necessary.
Or, hold Ctrl while scrolling a mouse.

With a phone, tablet, or touch-screen computer, place two fingers on the screen and drag them apart.

Email Tips

Have more than one email account to avoid getting spam in your main account. Or else, if you suspect you might get unwanted email after requesting information or a download link, use Mailinator. Create an email address like - email that goes to a mailinator address will be kept for a few hours and then deleted.Never post your email address on a social site or forum.

Once your account is “poisoned” by getting onto spammers’ lists, there is little you can do to stop the flood.

DO NOT EVER click on links in spam emails! This is an almost certain way to get a virus. Even email that seems to be from someone you know might be from a malicious source. It is easy to “spoof” a return address. So if the subject or message doesn’t look like something your friend would have sent, DELETE it! You can always email that person to ask if they really sent you anything.

Useful keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + X = Cut
Alt + F4 = Close this window!

The F(number) or Function keys in the top row of your keyboard have many uses. Unfortunately, on some computers (mostly laptops), they are assigned to operations like scereen brightness and volume control, and you have to press a special Fn key to access the “work” functions.

Use F5 to refresh a web page

F11 will make some windows full-screen, and make them small again (Doesn’t work with everything)

F1 will get you help for whatever program you are using

Word processors and other programs have many keyboard commands, some unique to each app, that can save time over poking around in menus.


Using the Internet at JAK’s

Inside Dusty, the Public Internet Computer

This is “Dusty,” our public Internet computer. He was definitely not new when we got him, and was named for the condition of his innards. With the dust removed, Linux Mint installed, and various tweaks and tune-ups, he has become a faithful and reliable friend to anyone who needs to check their email. Anyone is welcome to use the public computer. You can also use our wireless with your own device (ask a staff member for access).

Help is available if you don’t know your way around a computer, or need to do something new.