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July Newsletter

June 29, 2016 • JAK's Place

JAK's Place - Lakeshore CAP logo
It’s the end of an era — which is the same as saying it’s the beginning. JAK’s Place was started by NAMI Door County in September, 2006. Ever since, it has been a constant struggle to pay the mortgage and maintain the building that houses so much hope. But now we have a strong ally; a knight in shining armor called Lakeshore CAP, Inc. has come to save us from the dragons of doubt, debt, and destruction.

As a program of Lakeshore CAP, JAK’s Place will have the support of a well-established system of professionals experienced in fundraising and management. We expect to expand our programs to reach more of the community. We must; we know that there are many more who need what we can offer.

People come to JAK’s Place for information. They stay for dinner. They find new friends and new interests. They learn and grow, and their improved well-being encourages others.

This newsletter is the last one published under the auspices of NAMI Door County. Among all the other changes and improvements the future will bring, there will be changes in the newsletter. It will be published less often (though there will still be a monthly calendar available online), and we hope to convert almost completely to digital media. We will still provide paper copy for anyone who has no email.

So…here it is.

NAMI Doorways July 2016 (PDF)

July 2016 Calendar (PDF)

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May Newsletter and Calendar

April 27, 2016 • JAK's Place

MAY IS Mental Health Month!

Along with the spring flowers, we welcome our new Program Director, Jane Herlitz. She brings knowledge and experience that will give JAK’s Place a new life. Her bio will be in next month’s newsletter.Jane Herlitz

There are some notable mental health events in May; see the newsletter for details.

NAMI Doorways, May 2016 (PDF)

May 2016 Calendar (PDF)

Yet another event is a presentation by JAK’s Place staff member, Laura Haglund:

The Art and Nature of Fractals in Nature and Art
Monday, May 16, 6pm, at JAK’s Place
Food for thought with plenty of eye-candy. See what it’s all about and ask questions.

What is a fractal?
Benoit Mandelbrot coined the word in 1975, from the Latin word fractus, which means broken–like fractured, fragmented–or rough. His quest for a new kind of geometry that could be used to describe and measure natural forms led to the discovery of a world of indescribable beauty and wonder.
Mandelbrot was lucky to live in the age of the computer. Creative mathematicians in the past had no way to check similar theories. Fractal geometry needs the fast calculation of a computer because it takes thousands of repetitions to create a shape, and to assign color to every point in it. A fractal formula rendered as an image by a computer can be explored, and different views of it saved.
Now we can see what ancient thinkers knew only by intuition. Fractals are all around us and in us. Everything is fractal.
Fractal Foundation
Fractal Geometry at Yale University

Fractal image

Fractal image

Fractal exploration is a relaxing pastime that requires no knowledge of math, or any extra monetary investment. If you have a computer or a tablet, you can play with fractals

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March Newsletter

February 27, 2016 • JAK's Place

Whichever way they blow, the winds of March bring Spring. This winter hasn’t been as hard as some, but the relief will be welcome all the same.

The Tenth Annual Love Festival Concert went off without a hitch. A big thankyou to all the performers, the volunteers, and the generous donors. Ten years of JAK’s Place, think of that! Here we still are, and here we will remain, with a new beginning almost in sight, like those spring flowers waiting beneath the frozen ground.



In this month’s newsletter, Skyler Champeau explains the mission of his Armor Group. Not just another little artsy-craftsy social, Armor Against Stigma hopes to raise funds to support JAK’s Place by creating saleable products. Skyler has an unusual skill to teach, that of medieval armorer. You’ve seen chain mail in movies; now you can learn how to make it.

JAK’s Place will be closed on Good Friday, the 25th. On Thursday, March 10th, Seth will not be available for Tai Chi, but we will try a little without him. Seth is now a Peer Specialist, having completed months of training and passed all tests with excelent scores. His internship keeps him a little busier than usual.

NAMI Doorways March 2016 (PDF)

March 2016 calendar (PDF)


Love Festival Highlights

Love Fest 10 program (PDF)

Jess Holland

Jess Holland


Leslie Hill with 8th Grade Chorus

Leslie Hill with 8th Grade Chorus


TJ Walker 8th Grade Chorus

TJ Walker 8th Grade Chorus


Leni Spaude and George Sawyn

Leni Spaude and George Sawyn


Pastor Malek welcomes all

Pastor Malek welcomes all


The Bone Boys

The Bone Boys

Photos by Aneta Schloemer

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February Newsletter

January 25, 2016 • JAK's Place

Back on track after taking a month off from the newsletter!

Two awesome events this month that no one should miss:

Monday, Feb. 8, there will be a FREE Community Event at Cross Roads at Big Creek, 6:00 to 7:30pm. with a video presentation, The Inside Story, and live Mental Health Expert Panel. There will be no Open Support Group or NAMI DC General Meeting at JAK’s, so everyone can go.

Sunday, Feb. 14 — bet you could guess this — the 10th Annual Love Festival Concert to benefit JAK’s Place! 2:00pm, Bay View Lutheran Church, 340 W Maple, Sturgeon Bay.

Bone Boys Trombone Ensemble
Jess Holland, Folk Musician
Denise Zenko, Organist
George Sawyn, Classical Guitar & Elizabeth Spaude, Flute
TJ Walker Middle School Choir 8th Grade Chorus, under the direction of Leslie Hill

NAMI Doorways, February 2016

February 2016 Calendar

See you at the concert, Valentine 😉


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November Newsletter and Calendar

October 29, 2015 • JAK's Place

Time once again for the annual NAMI Door County Dinner Meeting. This year we’re holding the Quilt Raffle drawing at the meeting. There’s still time to buy tickets!

NAMI Door County Annual Dinner Meeting

Monday November 9, 5:00 pm at Hope United Church of Christ
5:00 Social Time; 5:30 Dinner; 6:15 Quilt Raffle and Volunteer Awards

JAK’s Place will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, of course. We hope that everyone can enjoy the holiday in a spirit of thankfulness.

NAMI Doorways November 2015 (PDF)

November 2015 Calendar (PDF)

The Road-eater

The Road-eater

The sidewalk is slowly creeping up Egg Harbor Road. All sorts of giant metal monsters have been prowling and growling. This machine chews up pavement and spits it into a truck.

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July Newsletter

June 29, 2015 • JAK's Place

This month we have the Timber Rattlers game expedition on Tuesday, July 7. Vehicles depart Government Center parking lot at 10 am. Still time for last-minute sgnups; there have been some cancellations.

On Monday, July 13, the annual NAMI Door County picnic takes place. Gather at the Otumba Park shelter at 5; dinner served at 5:30, with a musical treat for dessert. Brother-sister duo Paul Klapatch and Leni Spaude will perform on concertina and flute. This is something you don’t want to miss!

July Newsletter (PDF)

July 2015 calendar  (PDF)

Our Musical Talent at LoveFest 9

Our Musical Talent at LoveFest 9

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