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October newsletter and calendar

September 30, 2009 • JAK's Place

Running on the edge of deadline this month. Your Humble Editor was sidetracked and hijacked by a gang of computers. They can be like children, all clamoring for attention. The result was good, however. We now have more than one computer on the Internet. Even cooler, guest computers could use our wireless if necessary. (Don’t try a drive-by — it’s passworded).

Anyway, here’s the newsletter and calendar:

October newsletter (PDF)

October Calendar (PDF)

Don’t forget about Mental Health Awareness Week!

And then there’s the Halloween Party on the 27th — get those costumes together!

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

September 18, 2009 • JAK's Place

The week of October 4-10 is Mental Illness Awareness Week.

What does that mean?

Not keeping our mouths shut. 🙂

This is a time for fighting stigma with every weapon we have. Information is the most potent. Write a letter to the editor, give a friend a pamphlet, read a book, visit JAK’s Place more often. There is a lot of good info at the NAMI national website.

It is also a time for listening.

Here are four promotional “sound bites” that we are encouraging our local radio stations to air during MIAW. In each one, a NAMI member shares her experiences with NAMI. The files are in MP3 format.

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