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November Newsletter and Calendar

October 29, 2015 • JAK's Place

Time once again for the annual NAMI Door County Dinner Meeting. This year we’re holding the Quilt Raffle drawing at the meeting. There’s still time to buy tickets!

NAMI Door County Annual Dinner Meeting

Monday November 9, 5:00 pm at Hope United Church of Christ
5:00 Social Time; 5:30 Dinner; 6:15 Quilt Raffle and Volunteer Awards

JAK’s Place will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, of course. We hope that everyone can enjoy the holiday in a spirit of thankfulness.

NAMI Doorways November 2015 (PDF)

November 2015 Calendar (PDF)

The Road-eater

The Road-eater

The sidewalk is slowly creeping up Egg Harbor Road. All sorts of giant metal monsters have been prowling and growling. This machine chews up pavement and spits it into a truck.

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June Newsletter

May 30, 2015 • JAK's Place

May was Mental Health Month, but we need to pay attention to mental health all year ’round. So, don’t forget to visit JAK’s Place, check out our library, and try some of our scheduled activities. We have two Tai Chi times now; Seth has added a 2:00 session on Thursdays. Paul Klapatch will be facilitating two Wednesday drumming sessions at JAK’s Place beginning at 1:30 on June 17th and July 15th.
And do stop and see our fantastic irises! The first weeks of June bring a living rainbow to our front yard.

NAMI Doorways June 2015 (PDF)

June 2015 calendar (PDF)

Raffle tickets are now on sale for a lovely new quilt. We need suggestions for locations to display the quilt and sel tickets, and volunteers.

quilt label

Aunt Bettie proudly labels her creations

corner of quilt

corner of quilt

There are more quilt pics on our Facebook page.

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September Newsletter and Calendar

August 27, 2014 • JAK's Place

Here comes Fall, and JAK’s Place is celebrating its eighth birthday. Don’t miss our Open House on Saturday, September 20, from 11am to 1pm. At noon, some lucky person will win a queen size quilt. There’s still time to buy raffle tickets (hint hint hint).

Our newsletter is undergoing some changes. This is the last JAK’s Place-only issue. Next month the new NAMI Door County and JAK’s Place combined version becomes the norm.

We are also thinning our mailing list. Quite a few people who get the NAMI Doorways simply because their name got on the list will soon be dropped, unless they opt to receive email notification instead. It costs a lot to print and mail paper newsletters, and practically nothing to upload PDF files and send a “monthly spam.”

September 2014 newsletter (PDF)

September 2014 Calendar (PDF)

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April Newsletter and Calendar

March 24, 2014 • JAK's Place


We’re still waiting for the flowers to show up, but the newsletter and calendar are blooming. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, something to think about and do something about. Learn more, pass the word on.

NAMI Doorways April-May 2014 (PDF)

April 2014 Calendar (PDF)

NAMI Doorways–lite (PDF) — slightly smaller newsletter file for slow connections.

Raffle tickets are not yet available for the new quilt (see last month’s post), but we’ll give a call out when everything’s ready. Meanwhile, we welcome suggestions for places to display the quilt and sell tickets. We can’t sell them online, only locally.

Tech note:
If you have any concerns about the coming end of support for Windows XP, our computer expert can suggest and assist with solutions.

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March Newsletter and Calendar

March 1, 2014 • JAK's Place

February was too short, and still too cold. But quite a bit happened, and at least we didn’t lose any open time to cold or snow. The Eighth Annual Love Festival Concert was a smashing success despite unusual last-minute difficulties. Our latest raffle quilt arrived — what a glorious beauty it is. Tickets need to be printed yet; we’ll give a holler when they’re ready to sell.

March Newsletter (PDF)

March 2014 Calendar (PDF)


Aunt Bettie’s latest offering

Because of its simple, primal color scheme, this quilt is more visually striking than our previous raffle quilts. It has an undeniable exuberance.

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October Newsletter and Calendar

September 27, 2013 • JAK's Place

OCTOBER! Mental Illness Awareness Week and then some. NAMI-Door County will have a display in the Sturgeon Bay Library foyer all month, and we’ll have a tble at the YMCA Health Fair on Tuesday, October 22, from 8:30am to 1pm. You can help by spreading the word. Bring a friend to the Health Fair, or to JAK’s Place.

The last brat fry will be on Oct. 12-13-14, Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Volunteers needed. If you’re headed north, you know where the best lunch is!

CSP is unable to provide any staff for a Halloween Party this year, but they can help out with the munchies and we’re having one anyway! Get out the costumes and come on in, 3pm, Thursday Oct. 30. Do some of your trick-or-treating early.

And heeeeeeere’s the newsletter:

NAMI Doorways Oct-Nov 2013 (PDF)

Oct. 2013 calendar

Our second quilt raffle went off well. We could have sold more tickets [insert sad smiley-face here] but still, we did pretty well. The lucky winner was LuAnn Desotelle, our “Egg Lady,” who has been regularly donating her wonderful free-range eggs to JAK’s Place. If anyone deserved to win a prize, she’s high on the list. LuAnn is a quilter herself, and so has all the more appreciation for Bettie Greenwood’s fine work.

quilt winner

quilt winner

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August Newsletter and Calendar

July 26, 2013 • JAK's Place

The latest NAMI Doorways / JAK’s newsletter and JAK’s Place calendar are ready to pick up.

The CSP Picnic is on Friday, August 23. Gathering starts at 11am, dinner at 12. Games, swimming, just lounging around on the beach, and BINGO with prizes! Get down to Sunset Park with your sunscreen and have some fun. JAK’s will be closed that day.

We are hoping to sell more Quilt Raffle tickets this month. Don’t forget that the Open House and raffle drawing are next month. Any ideas on good places to display the quilt and sell tickets, give us a heads-up at JAK’s Place.

There will be Yoga on the 5th, 12th, and 19th, but not on the 26th.

August-2013 calendar (PDF) (Corrected version)

NAMI Doorways Aug-Sept 2013 (PDF)

NAMI_Doorways – lite (PDF) — for slow connections

This month’s Good News — we’ve had some large donations that will carry us on for a while. Thank-yous will be in next month’s JAK’s Place newsletter. Also, @NAMIdoor has 42 followers on Twitter at last count. Look us up if you tweet! Our Facebook page is way ahead with 157 Likes. 😉

NAMI Picnic

We had a beautiful day for the NAMI Picnic

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