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May Newsletter and Calendar

April 25, 2014 • JAK's Place

Holy shmoly, look at the flowers popping up! It’s time to think spring, and garden, and…Mental Health Month.

Newsletter and calendar are ready:

May Newsletter (PDF)

May 2014 Calendar (PDF)

Local Resource Fair at Stone Harbor
Tuesday, May 13
6:30-8+pm refreshments and displays
7-8pm presentation by Barbara Rubel, well-known author, educator and dynamic speaker

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April Newsletter and Calendar

March 24, 2014 • JAK's Place


We’re still waiting for the flowers to show up, but the newsletter and calendar are blooming. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, something to think about and do something about. Learn more, pass the word on.

NAMI Doorways April-May 2014 (PDF)

April 2014 Calendar (PDF)

NAMI Doorways–lite (PDF) — slightly smaller newsletter file for slow connections.

Raffle tickets are not yet available for the new quilt (see last month’s post), but we’ll give a call out when everything’s ready. Meanwhile, we welcome suggestions for places to display the quilt and sell tickets. We can’t sell them online, only locally.

Tech note:
If you have any concerns about the coming end of support for Windows XP, our computer expert can suggest and assist with solutions.

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March Newsletter and Calendar

March 1, 2014 • JAK's Place

February was too short, and still too cold. But quite a bit happened, and at least we didn’t lose any open time to cold or snow. The Eighth Annual Love Festival Concert was a smashing success despite unusual last-minute difficulties. Our latest raffle quilt arrived — what a glorious beauty it is. Tickets need to be printed yet; we’ll give a holler when they’re ready to sell.

March Newsletter (PDF)

March 2014 Calendar (PDF)


Aunt Bettie’s latest offering

Because of its simple, primal color scheme, this quilt is more visually striking than our previous raffle quilts. It has an undeniable exuberance.

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February News

January 29, 2014 • JAK's Place

Holy winter! JAK’s Place has been closed down way too many times by weather lately. The worst of it is, the snow and deadly cold always strike on a Tuesday. We’ve always had a policy of closing on days that the schools close. Updates are posted on our FaceBook page, and we also try to call our regulars and anyone who has already signed up. It’s not that we don’t want to stay open, but when it is really too dangerous to be out, we don’t want to encourage people to take risks.

The good news is, it’s Love Festival Concert time again, and it’s our EIGHTH! So don’t miss it. The concert starts at 2pm, with refreshments afterwards. Bring your Valentine sweetheart. Everything’s free, but of course we do accept donations. This year’s performers are:

  • The Bone Boys
  • New Day Singers
  • Elizabeth Spaude, flute
  • Denise Zenko, Organ and piano
  • T.J. Walker Middle School 6th Grade Chorus, under the direction of Leslie Hill

There are ca. 60 young persons in that choir!

Another bright note — Bettie Greenwood has another beautiful quilt for us. Let’s get the fires burning for this year’s Quilt Raffle. Think of places where we can display the quilt, and talk it up. Details of time and tickets will be posted here, in future newsletters, and on FaceBook.

NAMI Doorways (PDF)

February 2014 Calendar (PDF)

Love Festival Concert poster — download PDF to print

Love Festival Concert poster

Love Festival Concert poster – click for full-size image

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2014 Begins — With Yet Another Newsletter!

December 29, 2013 • JAK's Place

Changes come upon us no matter what. NAMI of Door County is changing; with enough help from friends and supporters, we’ll become stronger and more effective, better able to stand with those whose voices are seldom heard alone.

Come to the monthly open meetings — every second Monday, 7:15 pm at JAK’s Place. We need your input. Bring a friend. Tell a friend. Tell them about the Open Support Group on every second and fourth Monday at 6, too. The door is open to all.

It takes more than a few steadfast frontline soldiers to fight the war on stigma. Let’s get toghether and do this thing!

Okay, that was the New Year pep talk. Now let’s grab a newsletter to read. 😉

Jan2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Jan-2014 calendar (PDF)

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December Newsletter and Calendar

November 24, 2013 • JAK's Place

Ho ho ho! and all that holiday cheer stuff. No bag of presents here, but we have a jolly old newsletter, full of photos of the past and thoughts for the future.

NAMI Doorways (PDF)

NAMI Doorways (PDF) “Lite” A slightly smaller download for slower connections

Calendar Dec. 2013 (PDF)


It’s not healthy to dwell on the past, but if we never look back, we have nothing to build on, no clues as to how we could do something better next time. The month of January is named for the Roman deity Janus. He is represented as having two faces, one looking backward and one forward. The beginning of a new year is a door into the future. We can look backward. but there’s only one way to go–ahead.

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Computer News Update

November 5, 2013 • JAK's Place

U-verseOn November 4, AT&T installed their U-verse hi-speed Internet at JAK’s. We now have much better download speed. It should be possible to watch Youtube videos without all the stopping and jerking. 🙂

The other important change is our new(er) public computer. The old one is awaiting reassignment to some new job. The new computer, nicknamed “Dusty” because it hadn’t been cleaned inside since it was a puppy, is better and faster. It has an operating system that is not familiar to most of our visitors. Debian, one of the most widely used members of the Linux family of operating systems, is very different from Microsoft Windows. But then, there are also great differences between versions of Windows!

The old computer had Windows XP as its operating system. That was a problem, since XP is being abandoned by Microsoft. Eventually, there would be no updates or new software available for it. Things are always changing, including the Internet. In a few years, we might not have a web browser capable of loading many websites, or accessing some email. Debian will continue to update and improve for as long as we want to use it. Besides that, Linux systems are more secure than Windows — and less likely to be attacked. Windows is a favorite target because it is so widely used as well as being more vulnerable.

Despite all the differences, Debian is just as convenient as Windows for everyday use. If all you want to do is play on Facebook, check your email, or search the Internet for information, you won’t notice any difference at all. If you open or create and save documents, or play music or movies, you will see unfamiliar programs, but they perform the same functions.

So don’t be afraid to test-drive the new system. The web browser has the same familiar homepage, with its handy links. There’s a nice Solitaire game (and more games, if you care to explore the “applications” menu at the upper left corner of the screen).

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