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April Newsletter and Calendar

March 30, 2012 • JAK's Place

Wow, it’s spring! Okay, so it snowed today, but the flowers don’t care. They’ll just wait until the sun does its thing and then proceed as usual.

The hot news items for April are the start of Tai Chi classes and the garden.

Seth has set Monday, April 2, 4:00, as the time and date for the first Tai Chi class. He welcomes suggestions for any time that might be more convenient. Tai Chi is a wonderful way to tune up your body without overdoing; an exercise that relaxes the mind while it strengthens muscles.

Gardeners can drop in for informal planning and planting sessions on Mondays at 3 throughout April.

March 2012 Newsletter (PDF)

April 2012 Calendar (PDF)

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March Newsletter and Calendar

February 29, 2012 • JAK's Place

Spring is around the corner, even though February ends buried in snow. The past month saw our SIXTH Annual Love Festival Concert — a great tradition of community support that continues to bring in needed funds as well as bringing people together with great entertainment.

There is one slight change in the Yoga schedule this month — it will start 15 minutes earlier on the 26th. Movie day is Wednesday, March 7, starting at 1:30.

March Newsletter

March 2012 Calendar

Cheryl Pfister at the piano, directing the choir.

Sevastopol Combined Middle School and High School Choir at Love Fest

Sevastopol Combined Middle School and High School Choir at Love Fest

A HUGE Thankyou to all who participated.

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NAMI-DC and JAK’s Place Newsletter, Feb. 2012

January 30, 2012 • JAK's Place

It’s time for the biggie again, with the JAK’s newsletter included in the larger NAMI one. The biggest news is the Sixth Annual Love Festival Concert. Yessiree, the sixth! JAK’s Place’s most fun and flamboyant annual fundraiser continues its great tradition with local musicians and cool door prizes. The concert will be held on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2:00, at Bay View Lutheran Church.

We also have new activities and minor schedule changes in the news, and a sample of poetry by a member of Ed DeMaio’s Journalling Poets Group.

Large size file for quality printing:
NAMI Doorways 01-2012 – to print (PDF)
Smaller file for slow connections, or just to view:
NAMI Doorways 01-2012 (PDF)

February 2012 Calendar (PDF)

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The Plan — something to work on

January 23, 2012 • JAK's Place

Sixteen people attended Saturday’s Strategic Planning session. NAMI-DC board menbers, JAK’s staff, and other participants filled the meeting room to contibute their thoughts for our future.

Karen Hintz provided well organized leadership. The topics progressed from “plus and minus” lists on to suggestions for what could be improved or added to our working agenda. The results will be presented at the next board meeting.

It was a great success; everyone had something to contribute. We will have newly defined goals to strive for.

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Newsletter for a New Year

December 29, 2011 • JAK's Place

Welcome in 2012 with fresh ideas and renewed awareness of the possibilities in your life.

The January newsletter and calendar are here for your convenience. View, download, print, share the link as you please. We hope that having the calendar available online will encourage more people to drop in and take part in some interesting activities at JAK’s. One new item is our Chess Day. We have several members who like to play chess, so now there’s a special day for chess lovers to get together. If you’ve never played but wonder what it’s like, come in to observe.

Please attend our Strategic Planning meeting if you can. Karin Hintz from UW Extension will be here to help us plan for the future of NAMI-DC and JAK’s Place. The meeting will be from 8am to noon.

January 2012 Newsletter

January calendar

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December newsletter and Calendar

November 26, 2011 • JAK's Place

The holiday season — prime time for depression. It’s not just the long nights, the cold, and the cloudy days. It’s unrealistic expectations and the stress of trying to meet them. The great Christmas Shopping Manic Panic. What was once a happy celebration has been perverted into a painful ratrace.

Families get together not because they want to, not out of love, but because an unwritten law says they should.  The dinner table becomes a battlefield. Mothers, worn out from cooking a huge, unhealthy feast and coping with all the other extra chores, feel inadequate. The day after, there’s nothing but bitterness; after all the yearning and anticipation nothing has changed for the better.

You do have a choice. You can opt out of the ratrace. If you can’t get away from it entirely, you can at least take it less seiously. The world is not going to end if everyone doesn’t get a Big Perfect Present.

And you know what? Presents don’t matter. People matter.

Editor’s rant over. 😉

Here are the monthly goodies. Note that again, we have two Packer Parties at JAK’s this month, and of course there’s the CSP Holiday Party. See the sidebar for details.

There will be a Yoga class on Dec. 12, 5:00 to 5:45, with Anne Miller. Starting in January, it will be held on 2nd and 4th Mondays at that time. Bring a mat or some kind of cushion if you can.

So here’s the newsletter already:

December Newsletter (PDF)

And the calendar:

Dec. 2011 Calendar

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Festive Yule, and, if you like, have a whoopin’ great Saturnalia.

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November Newsletter and Calendar

October 27, 2011 • JAK's Place

Cold and shivery November, a hard-hearted month leading inexorably to winter. But JAK’s Place is still here, warm and cozy, waiting for you to drop in and sit a while in a comfy chair.

We’re having two Packer Parties this month. The first game, on Sunday the 6th, starts at 3:15. Kickoff on Sunday the 20th is at noon. Nothing but good seats in the JAK’s stadium.

Don’t forget the annual NAMI dinner meeting on the 14th, at Bay View Lutheran Church. Gathering at 5:30, dinner at 6, meeting and election of officers at 6:45. Bring a dish to share.

This month’s newsletter:

JAK’s Place November Newsletter (PDF)
…and calendar:

November 2011 Calendar (PDF)

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