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March Newsletter and Calendar

February 26, 2013 • JAK's Place

February was awesome for its size. Our Seventh Annual Love Festival Concert was the best ever, raising over $3,000 as well as providing enjoyment for a large audience of music lovers.

Now March is blowing in, melting the snow and releasing the first spring flowers. A new quilt is blooming too. Sheryl Flores’ Aunt Bettie has made a lovely queen-size quilt for us to raffle. Last year’s raffle was quite successful for a first-time event. We’re hoping that with some experience, we’ll do even better.

Also new in March is the Film Group, with Ed DiMaio. If you’ve ever wanted to make a movie, JAK’s Place is now the place to start. Learn how to piece together sight and sound as well as how to shoot a visually attractive or dramatic scene. The group, open to everyone, will meet on Fridays at 2:30

March newsletter (PDF)

March calendar(PDF)

T.J. Walker Sixth Grade Choir

T.J. Walker Sixth Grade Choir

The new quilt

The new quilt

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February Newsletter and Calendar

February 3, 2013 • JAK's Place

Flu season has temporarily thinned out attendance at JAK’s, but the beat goes on with the Seventh Annual Love Festival Concert just around the corner.

The NAMI Doorways is now published six times a year, alternating with the smaller JAK’s Place newsletter.

NAMI Doorways Jan-Feb 2013 (PDF)

Febrary 2013 Calendar (PDF)

Seventh Annual Love Festival Concert
February 17th 2:00 p.m.
Bay View Lutheran Church
340 West Maple – Sturgeon Bay


  • The Bone Boys
  • Sarah Meredith Livingston
  • Janet Anderson
  • Elizabeth Spaude
  • T.J. Walker Middle School Choir
    Directed by Leslie Hill

Don’t miss it! Download poster to print (PDF)



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January 2013 Newsletter and Calendar

January 1, 2013 • JAK's Place

Yes, a new year is here. JAK’s Place has now seen six of them come. We hope for many more, and for more friends to help us celebrate them 🙂

Every new year brings changes and challenges. JAK’s Place and NAMI-DC face plenty of both this year. One challenge is finding new board members with the energy and insight to carry us forward through all the changes. Another is the perennial struggle to make ends meet. With budget cuts shrinking our funding, we will need every bit of support we can get. But we do have our angels that turn up unexpectedly when they are needed.

January Newsletter

January Calendar

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Forward E-mail Safely

December 17, 2012 • JAK's Place

A lot of e-mail is passed on from one person to another. Even if the message is worthwhile, and not a chain-letter, hoax, trite holiday greeting or dumb joke, forwarding it can cause trouble if not done right.

When you simply send an e-mail to everyone in your address book, you are passing along your entire address book. If you are forwarding a message, you may also be sending out even more addresses. Everyone who gets it will now have a huge list of e-mail addresses. If it falls into the wrong hands, all of thise addresses are going to be plagued by spam.

Don’t think that it can’t happen because you are only sending mail to people you know. What if their e-mail account is hacked, or otherwise accessed by someone less scrupulous? Also, once a message is sent, you have no control over it. Can you be sure who will get it after it’s been passed on several more times?

Please be careful when sending e-mail to more than one person. Use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field for multiple recipients instead of “To” or “CC”. That way, a list of addresses will not be sent to everyone. When forwarding a message, either delete the previous addresses or — better yet — copy the essential message and paste it into a new e-mail.

It’s worth the extra minute or two. Giving out other people’s e-mail addresses without their permission is a breach of trust and a violation of their privacy. Friends don’t do that to friends.

Some useful links:

How Forwarding Emails can Increase Spam

How to send e-mail to a group

Communicating Safely Online

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December Newsletter and Calendar

November 28, 2012 • JAK's Place

ornamentYouletide season joy is here;
The end of 2012 is near.
Check our schedule for some cheer
To finish up another year.ornament

And of course the newsletter is ready to download; 🙂

December Newsletter (PDF)

December Calendar (PDF)

All information in the files uploaded here is up-to-date. Please note that the CSP calendar lists a Tuesday dinner on the 18th, but there will be no dinner at JAK’s on that day. However, because of the CSP party and the holiday closures, we will have a meal on Thursday, Dec. 27.

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November Newsletter and Calendar

October 29, 2012 • JAK's Place

What are we thankful for?
– People: volunteers, donors, friends and family
– The beauty of changing seasons
– A warm home and enough food
– That change is possible

If that isn’t enough, build your own list 🙂

The annual NAMI-DC Dinner Meeting will be held on Monday, November 12, at Bay view Lutheran Church. Social time at 5:00, dinner at 5:30, and business begins at 6:00. Volunteers will be honored; then the meeting and election of officers will proceed.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. Bring a dish — snacks, salads, veggies, desserts. NAMI will supply the main course and beverages.

There will be two Packer Parties this month; Sundays, Nov. 4th and 18th, both at noon.

JAK’s Place will be closed for Thanksgiving, and the day after.

November newsletter (PDF)

November calendar (PDF)

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October Newsletter and Calendar

September 28, 2012 • JAK's Place

Holy shmoly, it’s pumpkin season already. One last brat fry (Oct. 6-7-8) and then winter is just around the corner.

The calendar linked here is a corrected version — the editor was a bit confoozled when the first version was sent to CSP. There is also a correction in the JAK’s Place schedule in the newsletter — the Packer Party will be on Oct. 21 at 3:15, not on the 7th.

The webpage schedule is up-to-date (so far LOL).

NAMI Doorways October-December 2012

October 2012 Calendar

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