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July Newsletter

June 29, 2016 • JAK's Place

JAK's Place - Lakeshore CAP logo
It’s the end of an era — which is the same as saying it’s the beginning. JAK’s Place was started by NAMI Door County in September, 2006. Ever since, it has been a constant struggle to pay the mortgage and maintain the building that houses so much hope. But now we have a strong ally; a knight in shining armor called Lakeshore CAP, Inc. has come to save us from the dragons of doubt, debt, and destruction.

As a program of Lakeshore CAP, JAK’s Place will have the support of a well-established system of professionals experienced in fundraising and management. We expect to expand our programs to reach more of the community. We must; we know that there are many more who need what we can offer.

People come to JAK’s Place for information. They stay for dinner. They find new friends and new interests. They learn and grow, and their improved well-being encourages others.

This newsletter is the last one published under the auspices of NAMI Door County. Among all the other changes and improvements the future will bring, there will be changes in the newsletter. It will be published less often (though there will still be a monthly calendar available online), and we hope to convert almost completely to digital media. We will still provide paper copy for anyone who has no email.

So…here it is.

NAMI Doorways July 2016 (PDF)

July 2016 Calendar (PDF)

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