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March Newsletter

February 27, 2016 • JAK's Place

Whichever way they blow, the winds of March bring Spring. This winter hasn’t been as hard as some, but the relief will be welcome all the same.

The Tenth Annual Love Festival Concert went off without a hitch. A big thankyou to all the performers, the volunteers, and the generous donors. Ten years of JAK’s Place, think of that! Here we still are, and here we will remain, with a new beginning almost in sight, like those spring flowers waiting beneath the frozen ground.



In this month’s newsletter, Skyler Champeau explains the mission of his Armor Group. Not just another little artsy-craftsy social, Armor Against Stigma hopes to raise funds to support JAK’s Place by creating saleable products. Skyler has an unusual skill to teach, that of medieval armorer. You’ve seen chain mail in movies; now you can learn how to make it.

JAK’s Place will be closed on Good Friday, the 25th. On Thursday, March 10th, Seth will not be available for Tai Chi, but we will try a little without him. Seth is now a Peer Specialist, having completed months of training and passed all tests with excelent scores. His internship keeps him a little busier than usual.

NAMI Doorways March 2016 (PDF)

March 2016 calendar (PDF)


Love Festival Highlights

Love Fest 10 program (PDF)

Jess Holland

Jess Holland


Leslie Hill with 8th Grade Chorus

Leslie Hill with 8th Grade Chorus


TJ Walker 8th Grade Chorus

TJ Walker 8th Grade Chorus


Leni Spaude and George Sawyn

Leni Spaude and George Sawyn


Pastor Malek welcomes all

Pastor Malek welcomes all


The Bone Boys

The Bone Boys

Photos by Aneta Schloemer

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February Newsletter

January 25, 2016 • JAK's Place

Back on track after taking a month off from the newsletter!

Two awesome events this month that no one should miss:

Monday, Feb. 8, there will be a FREE Community Event at Cross Roads at Big Creek, 6:00 to 7:30pm. with a video presentation, The Inside Story, and live Mental Health Expert Panel. There will be no Open Support Group or NAMI DC General Meeting at JAK’s, so everyone can go.

Sunday, Feb. 14 — bet you could guess this — the 10th Annual Love Festival Concert to benefit JAK’s Place! 2:00pm, Bay View Lutheran Church, 340 W Maple, Sturgeon Bay.

Bone Boys Trombone Ensemble
Jess Holland, Folk Musician
Denise Zenko, Organist
George Sawyn, Classical Guitar & Elizabeth Spaude, Flute
TJ Walker Middle School Choir 8th Grade Chorus, under the direction of Leslie Hill

NAMI Doorways, February 2016

February 2016 Calendar

See you at the concert, Valentine 😉


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March Newsletter and Calendar

March 1, 2014 • JAK's Place

February was too short, and still too cold. But quite a bit happened, and at least we didn’t lose any open time to cold or snow. The Eighth Annual Love Festival Concert was a smashing success despite unusual last-minute difficulties. Our latest raffle quilt arrived — what a glorious beauty it is. Tickets need to be printed yet; we’ll give a holler when they’re ready to sell.

March Newsletter (PDF)

March 2014 Calendar (PDF)


Aunt Bettie’s latest offering

Because of its simple, primal color scheme, this quilt is more visually striking than our previous raffle quilts. It has an undeniable exuberance.

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February News

January 29, 2014 • JAK's Place

Holy winter! JAK’s Place has been closed down way too many times by weather lately. The worst of it is, the snow and deadly cold always strike on a Tuesday. We’ve always had a policy of closing on days that the schools close. Updates are posted on our FaceBook page, and we also try to call our regulars and anyone who has already signed up. It’s not that we don’t want to stay open, but when it is really too dangerous to be out, we don’t want to encourage people to take risks.

The good news is, it’s Love Festival Concert time again, and it’s our EIGHTH! So don’t miss it. The concert starts at 2pm, with refreshments afterwards. Bring your Valentine sweetheart. Everything’s free, but of course we do accept donations. This year’s performers are:

  • The Bone Boys
  • New Day Singers
  • Elizabeth Spaude, flute
  • Denise Zenko, Organ and piano
  • T.J. Walker Middle School 6th Grade Chorus, under the direction of Leslie Hill

There are ca. 60 young persons in that choir!

Another bright note — Bettie Greenwood has another beautiful quilt for us. Let’s get the fires burning for this year’s Quilt Raffle. Think of places where we can display the quilt, and talk it up. Details of time and tickets will be posted here, in future newsletters, and on FaceBook.

NAMI Doorways (PDF)

February 2014 Calendar (PDF)

Love Festival Concert poster — download PDF to print

Love Festival Concert poster

Love Festival Concert poster – click for full-size image

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