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Door-2-Door in action

August 3, 2010 • JAK's Place

I took a walk today in spite of the heat. When I was almost home, walking through Garland Park (where Jefferson St. meets North 8th Ave.), I saw the Door-2-Door vans parked there. That gave me an idea — why not do some shopping?

I continued home, wherre I wiped off some sweat and put my wallet and shopping list in my pocket. Then I went back to the park.

parked in the park
Call 746-6948

I said I needed to go to EconoFood. After a few small difficulties with a Blackberry phone, we were off “like a herd of turtles”, to quote Dan the driver.

a nice ride

The vans are comfortable. It’s a big step in for a short person, but not too difficult. the driver was very courteous and helpful.

When I was done shopping, I realized that Econo doesn’t have any pay phones (I am cell-free). However, the young woman at the service counter made the call for me.

There was a wait for the ride back, but I had no ice cream to melt. Bear that in mind if you do your grocery shopping in summer; it’s not a bad idea to bring an insulated bag or other type of cooler for perishable foods.

I shared the ride back with another member of JAK’s Place.

~ your roving editor 🙂

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