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September Newsletter and Calendar

August 28, 2015 • JAK's Place

The Momentous Event of the Month is our Open House on Saturday, September 19. JAK’s Place will celebrate the beginning of its tenth year. A lot has changed since the fall of 2006, and there’s more change to come, because change and growth are essential to life. Come on in, bring friends or family. There will be plenty of snacks.

Our last Valmy Brat Fry will be Sept. 4-7. Volunteers welcome up to the last minute!

Much more to read in the newsletter!

NAMI Doorways September 2015 (PDF)

September 2015 Calendar (PDF)

tall tomatoes

tall tomatoes

As ypu can see, the garden is flourishing. The tomatoes are reaching for the sky, and the roses have delivered their exquisite perfume all summer.



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October Newsletter and Calendar

September 27, 2013 • JAK's Place

OCTOBER! Mental Illness Awareness Week and then some. NAMI-Door County will have a display in the Sturgeon Bay Library foyer all month, and we’ll have a tble at the YMCA Health Fair on Tuesday, October 22, from 8:30am to 1pm. You can help by spreading the word. Bring a friend to the Health Fair, or to JAK’s Place.

The last brat fry will be on Oct. 12-13-14, Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Volunteers needed. If you’re headed north, you know where the best lunch is!

CSP is unable to provide any staff for a Halloween Party this year, but they can help out with the munchies and we’re having one anyway! Get out the costumes and come on in, 3pm, Thursday Oct. 30. Do some of your trick-or-treating early.

And heeeeeeere’s the newsletter:

NAMI Doorways Oct-Nov 2013 (PDF)

Oct. 2013 calendar

Our second quilt raffle went off well. We could have sold more tickets [insert sad smiley-face here] but still, we did pretty well. The lucky winner was LuAnn Desotelle, our “Egg Lady,” who has been regularly donating her wonderful free-range eggs to JAK’s Place. If anyone deserved to win a prize, she’s high on the list. LuAnn is a quilter herself, and so has all the more appreciation for Bettie Greenwood’s fine work.

quilt winner

quilt winner

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July Newsletter and Calendar

June 27, 2013 • JAK's Place

It sure is summer. The annual NAMI-Door County picnic is just around the corner. Monday, July 8, is the day; Otumba Park is the place; and 5:00 is the time. Dinner will be served at 5:30. We’re hoping to make our own little music festival this year, so bring an instrument if you have one. Everyone has a voice šŸ˜‰

A lot has happened in the past month. The gardens are bursting forth from fresh compost, there’s a new(er) and rather awesome computer in the office, and a riding mower in the shed. We had a record-making Brat Fry, and we hope for a repeat performance at the end of July. The Quilt Raffle is progressing well, so far. Don’t forget that tickets are available at JAK’s Place!

Another new thing is that NAMI-Door County is now on twitter! Follow us — @NAMIdoor

So, here are the latest JAK’s newsletter and calendar. Please note that there will be no meal on Tuesday, July 9, the day after the Picnic.

July newsletter (PDF)

July 2013 calendar (PDF)

For those with slow connections:

News-lite (PDF)

Image quality is low in the “lite” version, making for smaller file size and faster download.


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April newsletter and calendar

March 23, 2010 • JAK's Place

Spring has sprung, flowers and newsletters are popping up all over. One item that isn’t in the newsletter is that the NAMI library is going on line. By the time the next newsletter comes out, we should have our books all cataloged. Book loans and returns will be entered via computer, and you will be able to search the collection from home to see what is available.

We will be closed Monday April 5 and Friday April 30 (not on calendar).

Anywhat, here’s all the news that’s fit to print:

April newsletter (PDF)

April calendar (PDF)

The United Way Day of Caring, usually held in April, will be in June this year. We’ll remind you šŸ˜‰

Don’t forget our upcoming Valmy Brat Fries! There will be a call for volunteers, so think about it now. Memorial Day weekend is the first. This is not only a big fund-raiser for JAK’s,Ā  it’sĀ  another way to make the community aware of our mision.

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