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September Newsletter and Calendar

August 28, 2015 • JAK's Place

The Momentous Event of the Month is our Open House on Saturday, September 19. JAK’s Place will celebrate the beginning of its tenth year. A lot has changed since the fall of 2006, and there’s more change to come, because change and growth are essential to life. Come on in, bring friends or family. There will be plenty of snacks.

Our last Valmy Brat Fry will be Sept. 4-7. Volunteers welcome up to the last minute!

Much more to read in the newsletter!

NAMI Doorways September 2015 (PDF)

September 2015 Calendar (PDF)

tall tomatoes

tall tomatoes

As ypu can see, the garden is flourishing. The tomatoes are reaching for the sky, and the roses have delivered their exquisite perfume all summer.



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