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Email Problems

April 29, 2013 • JAK's Place

Note — things have cleared up for now.

We have had quite a few emails “bounce” recently. It seems that a server that our regular email goes through has been blacklisted by SpamCop. The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) of some of our newsletter e-subscribers use the SpamCop service, which now blocks any emails from us Therefore, some subscribers who use their ISP’s email service are not receiving our monthly newsletter emails. Those who use “generic” email services, like Yahoo or Gmail, are generally not affected.

The effect has been erratic, but it is definitely messing up our information delivery. Although it may be temporary, it could increase. There is not much we can do about it, except to use a different email account. So, for a while at least, our Gmail account will be used for our official mailings. Look for email from jaksplace2006 (at)

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