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June Newsletter and Calendar

May 29, 2012 • JAK's Place

It’s iris time again! Our NAMI symbols are all a-bloom out front for the world to see.

Irises, May 29 2012 AM

The newsletter and calendar are ready. The biggest upcoming event is the trip to the New Zoo in Green Bay on Tuesday, June 26. It will include lunch at Country Buffet and shopping at Goodwill, with $10 per person provided by NAMI. Transportation and lunch provided by CSP. Sign up if you want to go. Don’t forget, you have to be at the Government Center parking lot at 8:15am. For more information, call JAK’s at 818-0525.

June 2012 Newsletter (PDF)

June 2012 Calendar (PDF)

Girl Scouts bringing cookies

Girl Scouts bringing cookies

The Girl Scouts of Door County brought us a hunormous donation of…cookes! 🙂

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