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July Newsletter and Calendar

June 29, 2011 • JAK's Place

No fireworks, but a lot of work going on around JAK’s these days. The landscape is getting chewed up by big machines, and our “little house” is preparing to move.

Lots more to read about in the newsletter, not the least of which is the annual NAMI Picnic, Monday July 11 at Otumba Park. Gathering at 5pm; bring a dish to share.

July newsletter (PDF)

July calendar (PDF)

Trencher - closeup

Trencher - closeup

This is what they used to chew a narrow trench in the grond — rocks and all — to bury a new gas line. It was kind of scary to see it rip up and spit out dirt and broken rock.

Trencher by sign

Trencher by sign

No, it didn’t eat our sign — or our garbage can! 😉

Notice the flourishing garden beds just out of reach of the earth-eating monster. There’s a lot more construction destruction to come, but our flowers and veg will survive.

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