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September Newsletter and Calendar

August 26, 2010 • JAK's Place

Not in the printed newsletter: The guest presenter at the Sept. 13 NAMI general meeting will be Mona Pagel. She plans to speak on “Building Strong Families and Communicating the Hard Stuff”.

Mona is with Counseling Associates of Door County LLP, 620 N 12 Ave, Sturgeon Bay WI (920) 743-9554

Also newsworthy: JAK’s Place has a laptop and projector now. This is great for giving presentations out in the community, and it will make group computer classes possible. More than one person can see what is happening on the screen. Let us know if you are interested in subjects such as file management, organizing e-mail and handling attachments, Internet safety, Facebook….

You can download the rest of the news here: 🙂

September Newsletter (PDF)

September Calendar (PDF)

No photos in this month’s newsletter

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Door-2-Door in action

August 3, 2010 • JAK's Place

I took a walk today in spite of the heat. When I was almost home, walking through Garland Park (where Jefferson St. meets North 8th Ave.), I saw the Door-2-Door vans parked there. That gave me an idea — why not do some shopping?

I continued home, wherre I wiped off some sweat and put my wallet and shopping list in my pocket. Then I went back to the park.

parked in the park
Call 746-6948

I said I needed to go to EconoFood. After a few small difficulties with a Blackberry phone, we were off “like a herd of turtles”, to quote Dan the driver.

a nice ride

The vans are comfortable. It’s a big step in for a short person, but not too difficult. the driver was very courteous and helpful.

When I was done shopping, I realized that Econo doesn’t have any pay phones (I am cell-free). However, the young woman at the service counter made the call for me.

There was a wait for the ride back, but I had no ice cream to melt. Bear that in mind if you do your grocery shopping in summer; it’s not a bad idea to bring an insulated bag or other type of cooler for perishable foods.

I shared the ride back with another member of JAK’s Place.

~ your roving editor 🙂

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